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For optimum efficiencies under laboratory or pilot plant conditions, there is the Hata fully-automated single-sided R&D and Small Batch Tablet Press. This reliable, safe and quiet tablet press is equipped with an automatic computer-controlled feeding system and a weight control and tablet rejection system.

Since the R&D and Small Batch tablet press performs exactly like a high-output production tablet press, it is ideal for product research and development, process improvement and clinical or small-quantity production operations. The smaller press size makes the frequent changeovers and clean-ups necessary in development situations considerably easier. No matter how often you must change product, you can have Hata’s R&D and Small Batch press back in operation in no time at all. Performance data can be easily validated, and the system can be scaled up to a larger Hata production press should the opportunity arise. Available with 18, 24 or 29 stations, this press is well suited to research and development operations and pilot plant applications. It can run with less than a full complement of tooling and generate data averages for the stations actually running. An open feeder or a small hopper can be provided.


  • 29- Station BB-size/ 24-station B-size / 18-station D-size.
  • Ideal size for R&D / Lab work as well as Small-Batch production.
  • Newer interchangeable turret design with Easy Clean features.


  • Fully automated R&D press.
  • Ideal for R&D lab work.
  • Can be fitted with a custom turret for 6B / 6D tooling configuration.

Press Data Chart

For more detailed information, download the Press data chart.

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