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The Hata High-Tonnage Press, with a 15-ton rating, produces large tablets requiring high compression without sacrificing productivity. In the past, the production of large tablets could lead to even larger problems such as low production rates on the one hand and worn out presses and tooling on the other. But thanks to Hata’s innovative engineering of their high-tonnage press, you can achieve both steady high compression and high output, even with one-inch diameter tablets. When used with D-sized triple-cavity tooling, the press can produce more than 425,000 tablets per hour at 70 rpm, depending upon tablet size and granulation characteristics.

With Hata’s patented two-stage controlled feeding system, and Hata’s Easy Clean design features for exceptional cleaning and change-over speed, this high-tonnage press produces quality tablets at high rates of speed providing the performance and satisfaction in the production of both large and small pharmaceutical tablets.


For more detailed information download the Press data chart.
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