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A high quality, economical series of automatic weight control tablet presses, perfect for a wide range of applications including small R&D batches to larger scale production. (R&D press models EP-200 and EP-200L are semi-automatic.) Eliza-Press is a fully GMP compliant tablet press by choice of material and design. Proprietary-wear resistance coating on the turret sections and the integration of hardened steel die-plate provide for long life before repair. High-torque motor, direct drive and high- strength frame design provide for “best in class” compression under real-life operational loads.
Fully Automated Tablet Presses to meet an economical price point.
Markets include: Pharma, Generics, Nutraceutical and other Industrial applications.


  • EP-200 Semi-automatic / R&D Lab Size
  • EP-200L Semi-automatic / R&D Lab Size / Bi-layer
  • EP-400 Fully-automatic “AWC”, double-sided with small footprint for medium size production


For more detailed information, download the Eliza-Press data chart
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