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From pharmaceutical tooling to industrial tooling applications, every year new customers place their trust in Elizabeth to consult, engineer and deliver the highest quality tablet compression tooling within the industry. 

It doesn’t matter if you call it punch and die tooling, compression tools or tablet tooling, the final product is still the same… it is tooling that will produce a tablet that is very important to your business.

Elizabeth offers superior quality tablet tools (punch and die) for excellent performance and long tooling life! For 65 years our formula for success has started with the use of the highest quality tool steel, carbide and ceramic from the world’s finest suppliers. . . then incorporates skilled tool and tablet design engineering, the very latest in computerized machine tools, expert craftsmanship and a level of quality control that is unique in the industry.

We pride ourselves in listening to our customers, understanding their objectives and making the best recommendations possible.

We do not simply take orders; we help our customers make good decisions!

Easy, Efficient, Economical

Leading through innovation, Elizabeth introduced Triple-E tooling – “Easy, Efficient, Economical” – which is so precise that it is totally interchangeable, making setup and changeover faster, easier and virtually error-proof. During setup, a single tool called a custom alignment gauge is used to set all of the dies in the die table quickly and squarely. This procedure results in a perfect fit between the die and the upper punch so that all upper punches can be randomly installed. Numbering of tool stations is no longer necessary.
The amount of time saved with Triple-E depends upon the size of the press and the proficiency of setup personnel, but a time savings of fifty percent can be expected. Punches last longer, too, because they are used only for tableting, not for setting dies. Triple-E tooling is available in all standard and special shapes and can be used with any rotary tableting press.


ELIZATAB™ tablets were developed to enable the customer to hold in their hands amazingly realistic prototypes of the new tablet products; before making a large investment in new tooling. The prototype tablets are constructed from a proprietary space age material before punches and dies are manufactured. This simulated product allows shape, color, size and lettering (including logos) to be previewed quickly and inexpensively to facilitate marketing and branding decisions without the cost of trial compression tools. Contact us to learn more! 

Elizabeth World Class Compression Tooling Brochure

For more information, view our online Elizabeth World Class Compression Tooling brochure or download the PDF below.

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