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Elizabeth understands all aspects of the tableting process because we have dedicated ourselves to providing world-class quality tooling and machinery to the pharmaceutical industry.

 For 65 years we have strived to achieve an unequaled level of customer service, satisfaction, communication and trust with our customers. Our advanced technology and customer service is the result of identifying our customers’ needs and creating innovative, cost effective solutions.

  • Precision Compression Tooling (punches & dies)
  • Specialty Materials (S7, D2, 440C, D3, Tungsten-Carbide, K340, M390 steels)
  • Functional Coatings (Chrome, TiN, CrN)
  • Multi-Tip Compression Tooling
  • Rotary Tablet Presses (Fully Automated, High-Speed, Manual)
  • Tablet Press Spare Parts (all major brands of tablet press)
  • Turret Repair and Replacement
  • Replacement Die Segments
  • Tablet Press Accessories and Control Systems
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